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when & Often should MY TANK be pumped? 

When you see or hear an alarm. It depends on usage & tank.

What's it cost? It's based on volume pumped & Sanitation District.

schedule pump out

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holding tanks



These systems hold wastewater in a water-tight compartment underground. An audible or visible alarm will alert you when the tank is nearing capacity and the contracted, licensed septage hauler should be called to schedule service. 920.839.2424

Schedule a Pump Out   We'll need your property address & billing address. Be sure to have clear driveway access to the tank cap. Door County Sanitarian administrative code defines this to be within 25' of the tank cap. Our trucks need a 12'H x 12'W minimum clearance the full length of driveway. NOT ALL TANKS ARE ACCESSIBLE. Best to call us if you have access questions before you need service to avoid access problems.

Winter brings it's own set of access problems.  Be sure to have driveway well plowed & SANDED. Also, sub Zero temperatures or snow may keep us from being able to pump or drive at all. Best to call ahead of these forecasts.

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