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holding tank system

Wastewater is held until pumped completely.

More frequently pumped than a POWTS.

 Holding Tank systems safely contain wastewater until a contracted and licensed septage hauler pumps out the contents.  In Door County, waste is hauled to a specific sewer district. The district and volume hauled determine the cost. The owner needs to schedule a pump out when  alarm alerts him that the tank is nearing capacity.  

conventional, Mound, aerobic

Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS)


holding tank pumping
University of MN YouTube What is a Septic System

Septic Systems are onsite wastewater treatment systems. A few types are conventional, mound or aerobic septic systems (ATU's). All of these recycle household wastewater and return the treated water to the water table for reuse. Owners of these systems are required to file Door County Maintenance Report every 3 years.

Regular maintenance provides longevity of the system and the best quality of water recycled.


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